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1. What is a Master Pattern and how is it used?
-- A Master Pattern is a basic pattern that is used as the building block for all other patternmaking. Master Patterns are drafted based on specific body measurements and do not include a seam allowance, wearing ease, or any other design elements. They are simply a representation of a three-dimensional model in two-dimensional form.

Once a person has a Master Pattern fitted to them, it can be used to alter commercial patterns to fit them or used by a tailor or patternmaker to create any desired custom design.

Software Tailoring offers bodice, sleeves, skirt, torso, and pants Master Patterns for women.

Software Tailoring offers shirts and Trousers for Men.

2. Can I have just a scan done without having a Master Pattern built?
-- Yes, the Body Scan package includes images of your body silhouette, a basic printout of your measurements.

3. Will the scanner interfere with an internal pacemaker?
-- No, the sensors emit only a low level of infra-red light which has no impact on a pacemaker. The Size Stream SS-14 scanner uses devices similar to those used with interactive video gaming systems (ie Microsoft Connect), which can be found in living rooms around the world. For more information on the sensors, please click HERE.

4. How accurate is the scan?
-- Very! We have found that scanned measurements are within 1/4" to " of manually measured values.

5. What do I wear to get scanned?
-- We recommend that women wear the typical foundation garments that they normally wear (bra and panties). Please DO NOT wear a swim suit or any swim wear because it will compress the bust and give an inaccurate measurement!

Please download and refer to our handy PDF guide:
Getting Ready And Dressing For Your Body Scan Package

Unless your hair is short, please bring something to pull it up off of your neck and shoulders. Be prepared to pin your hair up on your head or bring a cap to tuck your hair up. The scan will not give valid data if you have hair on your neck or shoulders.