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Software Tailoring offers custom Master Patterns for you from a 3D scan of your body. The first step in making these patterns is the Body Scan Package which includes the scan of your body from which you receive a printout of your measurements including images of your body silhouette.

Once we have your body scan, Software Tailoring can work with you to create one or more Master Patterns that can be used to create the perfect individualized wardrobe for you. Please see our Products page to learn more about the various Master Patterns we offer and the costs of all of our services.

The following steps outline our entire process:

Step 1: Schedule your scan by calling our office (707) 978-4986. The entire scan bill will be sent to you via Paypal. Once you have paid through Paypal, you will receive a confirmation email along with the PDF, "Getting Ready and Dressing for your Body Scan". Please read this document to understand what to wear for your scan. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Before your appointment day, make sure to review our Products page to see which Master Pattern(s) you're interested in ordering.

STEP 2: On your appointment day, dress for your scan and then put on any additional outerwear you wish to travel in. Our 3D scanning cameras measure the exposed surfaces of your body including the clothing you wear during the scan, so the less clothing you are wearing during the scanning the better. As outlined in our PDF guide, we recommend that women wear a bra similar to what you wear most often and underwear, pantyhose, or leggings. If you normally wear shapewear under your garments, you may prefer to wear it for the scan. Just know that the master patterns will be fit to your clothing that is exposed to the scanner.

DO NOT wear swimwear, it compresses the body, and can cause measurement errors!

If you are unsure of what to wear you can bring several articles of clothing with you to try.

Unless your hair is short, please bring something to pull it up off of your neck and shoulders. Be prepared to pin your hair up on your head or bring a cap to tuck your hair up. The scan will not give valid data if you have hair on your neck or shoulders.

Software Tailoring Scanning Booth
STEP 3: You arrive for your scheduled appointment: Our scanning technician will bring you to a private office with a curtained booth. We'll then close off the curtained area so you can undress to your scanning clothes. We will place stickers on your body to capture landmarks and certain measurements. The technician will then show you where to stand in the scanning booth. A harmless infrared depth scanner measures your body generating a 3D image of you. We take scans of you in 3 positions to ensure coverage in the underarm and crotch areas. Each scan takes about 30 seconds with 1-2 minutes of data processing.

STEP 4: We then review the scans with you and check the scan results with hand measurements on landmark areas of the body so that you are comfortable with the results. When we are checking the hand measurements, you will still be in your undergarments but you will have privacy in the scanning booth. The entire scanning process takes 30 45 min.

STEP 5: You get dressed. This completes the Body Scan Package portion of your visit which consists of providing you with a printout of your measurements including images of your body silhouette.

STEP 6: You may also choose the Software Tailoring Master Pattern products of interest to you. Please review our Products page to see which Master Pattern(s) you're interested in ordering. We will use the precise measurements from your Body Scan Package to generate your custom Master Patterns. Software Tailoring commits to a turn-around time of no more than 6-8 weeks to complete your Master Patterns.

You will also determine if you'd like to pick up your Master at the shop or have them mailed to you. Payment for the Master Patterns, sales tax, and any shipping costs will be due at this time.
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